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Union of Armenian Evangelical Churches of the Near East commemorates centennial

The Union of Armenian Evangelical Churches of the Near East (UAECNE) gathered for a celebratory service on 30 June at the First Armenian Evangelical Church of Beirut. The service, commemorating the centennial of the union, was attended by representatives of churches from different Middle Eastern and global churches, the ambassador of Armenia, Lebanese members of Parliament, representatives of Armenian political parties, pastors, and a large number of members of Armenian Evangelical congregations.

WCC and the Colombia peace process “a true witness of international solidarity”

About nine months ago, In Colombia, the peace process through the Round Table of Peace Dialogues between the government and the Estado Mayor Central of the FARC-EP, formally began talks began between both negotiating parties. The bilateral ceasefire has been a crucial decision for the peace process and international humanitarian law for the people of Colombia. One exception was a lifting of the ceasefire in the southwestern region of Colombia due to acts of violence that affected the civil population.