As a part of a the Korea Peace Appeal campaign supporting the Korean churches in their advocacy efforts, the screening of the documentary “Crossings” took place at the Ecumenical Centre on 21 March 2023, followed by the panel discussion.


EFK members reviewed the latest developments in the political situations in Korea and the United States, as well as assessed the current humanitarian environment and possibilities for action. The forum received a report on the Korea Peace Appeal campaign, which has gathered unprecedented grassroots support from around the world, involving more than 370 civil society organizations, including churches worldwide and faith-based organizations from Koreas seven major religions.

Our common stand is needed now more than ever due to increased tensions in the region,” said Rev. Kim Jong Seng, general secretary of the National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK). We must all pray with one heart that peace prevails and war must never break out on the Korean Peninsula again.”

The NCCK general secretary invited all EFK members to events marking the centennial of the National Council of Churches in Korea next year, which will include an international conference and ecumenical prayer service in September 2024. 

Coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the Tozanso process (which has brought Christians from South and North Korea together under WCC auspices), this will be a monumental occasion celebrating the long history of ecumenical engagement for Korea, and preparing for the next 100 years together”, said Rev. Kim Jong Seng.

WCC Director of the Commission of the Churches on International Affairs Mr Peter Prove agrees. “As difficult as the current geopolitical context is, we must draw inspiration from the long history of ecumenical engagement between Korean Christians from both North and South, to strengthen our continued witness for dialogue and human encounter as a far better and safer path than threats and military confrontation”, he concluded. 

Korea Peace Appeal campaign

WCC supports Korean churches in the Korea Peace Appeal campaign (WCC news release, 13 March 2023)