Webinar Safe spaces for young people in faith communities

A webinar, Safe spaces for young people in faith communities,” on 25 April will review some practices of safe spaces,” as well as discuss their definition, characteristics, and purposes. 

31 August 2022, Karlsruhe, Germany: Stewards are recognized during the World Council of Churches' 11th Assembly in Karlsruhe, Germany. The assembly takes place August 31 to September 8 under the theme "Christ's Love Moves the World to Reconciliation and Unity."

Specifically, discussions will center around safe spaces created by faith communities with young people, particularly when working with issues related to HIV and reproductive health. 

Speakers and participants will try to answer questions including: Working on HIV and reproductive health with young people in faith communities, what does a safe space look like?” and What characteristics does it have that make it safe?”

Young speakers will work to help us understand their perceptions of safe spaces, and define what changes are necessary to make spaces safer and meaningful for young people when considering HIV and reproductive health in faith communities.

Participants will also develop a draft list of criteria for safe spaces for young people in faith communities.

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