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Christ’s Love Moves the World to Reconciliation and Unity: Report of the WCC 11th Assembly

The Report of the WCC 11th Assembly is an important element of a wider collection of resources that offers a flavour of what took place at the assembly in Karlsruhe in 2022, which gathered more than 4500 people, including 659 official delegates from the WCC’s 352 member churches around the theme “Christ’s love moves the world to reconciliation and unity.”

This report includes an overview of the assembly, the message and unity statement, various reflections, an overview of the spiritual life of the assembly, reports of the work since the previous assembly, an overview of thematic plenaries and ecumenical conversations, reports of assembly committees, statements and minutes, messages from pre-assemblies, greetings to the assembly and various appendices.

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Shelving/Topics: Religion/Ecumenism

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Preface by the Acting General Secretary

The 11th Assembly of the World Council of Churches

  • An Overview of the 11th Assembly
  • Message of the 11th Assembly: A Call to Act Together
  • Unity Statement

Reflecting on the Assembly

  • An Affective Appreciation
  • Moving the World to Reconciliation and Unity
  • Reflections from Members of the Leadership of the Central Committee

Praying Together

  • Assembly Spiritual Life
  • Opening Prayer
  • Sending Prayer

Deliberating Together

  • Thematic Plenaries
  • Ecumenical Conversations

Reviewing the Work of the World Council of Churches

  • Pilgrims on the Path of Peace: The Journey of the WCC from Busan to Karlsruhe
  • Witnessing Together to Christ’s Compassionate Love: Report of the Moderator of the Central Committee
  • Report of the Acting General Secretary

Reporting from the Assembly Committees

  • Report of the Finance Committee
  • Second Report of the Nominations Committee
  • Report of the Policy Reference Committee
  • Report of the Programme Guidelines Committee

Speaking to the World

  • Public Issues at the 11th Assembly
  • Statements and Minutes Adopted by the Assembly
  • Statements Issued by the Leadership of the Central Committee
  • Statements Adopted by the Executive Committee

Hearing from the Pre-Assemblies

Greetings to the Assembly

  • Opening Greetings
  • Local Hosts
  • Churches and Ecumenical Partners
  • Interfaith Messages
  • United Nations Working Group on People of African Descent


  • Appendix 1: Assembly Delegates and Participants
  • Appendix 2: Assembly Committee Membership
  • Appendix 3: WCC Central Committee Members Elected at the Assembly
  • Appendix 4: Member Churches
  • Appendix 5: Constitution and Rules of the World Council of Churches
  • Appendix 6: WCC 11th Assembly Programme