World AIDS Day prayer 2017

The webinar will introduce the "Framework for Dialogue" – a methodology designed to cultivate a united response to HIV stigma. The approach, developed collaboratively by WCC, UNAIDS, INERELA+ (International Network of Religious Leaders Living with or Affected by HIV), and the Global Network of People Living with HIV, has already been instrumental in fostering joint action plans between faith leaders and those affected by HIV in Uganda and Nigeria.

The discussion will feature Ruth Ninsiima B. Mbalinda, from Uganda; and Helen Aphan, from Nigeria, embodying the robust partnership among the diverse stakeholders. Mbalinda, a seasoned educator and current executive director of the Friends of Canon Gideon Foundation (FOCAGIFO), has 17 years in HIV programming. She brings a wealth of experience in leading transformative HIV responses. Aphan, board member of the International Community of Women Living with HIV West Africa, is an unwavering advocate for gender equality and a voice for the marginalized, working to eliminate stigma as a barrier to HIV services.

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