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In his introduction to the issue, editor Dr Abraham Silo Wilar, WCC programme executive for Interreligious Dialogue and Cooperation, writes: The goal is to open possibilities to explore the theme using different tools of analysis, exploring different experiences of living, and applying different perspectives to the analysis to show the actual contribution of the WCC to the discourses and living situations related to the theme.”

Articles in the issue cover themes such as Islam and Healing from Trauma in the Azeri Region of Iran; case studies from Indonesia that explore friendship mission as a healing process after traumatic experience, and prayer groups as a journey of healing for victims of the 1965 tragedy; Christian–Muslim coexistence and its impact on citizenship and democracy in multireligious societies; womens exclusion from public life in Iran; youth agency in peace building; teaching Judaism in Interreligious spaces; Islam in Greece; and the concept of time in Ecclesiastes and the Mahabharata.

The issue also includes greetings from interreligious partners at the WCC 11th Assembly in Karlsruhe, Germany, 2022, as well as a set of book reviews.

Current Dialogue is published by Wiley on behalf of the WCC as a special annual issue of the WCC journal The Ecumenical Review.

Current issue of Current Dialogue 

Open Access articles for free download from the current issue:

Praying for Truth and Healing: Senior Prayer Groups as a Journey of Healing for Victims of the 1965 Tragedy in Indonesia

The Idiosyncrasy of Greek Islam and the Mosque of Votanikos as a Reconciliation Initiative: A Critical Discourse Analysis

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