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This verse reminds us to live together as one body in Christ beyond our differences. The same goes for Prayer and Taize Songs Community Indonesia. In order to join the ecumenical prayer vigil in the Vatican, Prayer and Taize Songs Community Indonesia held Together in two different places—Yogyakarta and Jakarta. Together not only gathered young people from different denominations but also many people of God to pray together for justice and peace, reflect, and show our solidarity to those in need, including our earth. 

The initiative to hold the ecumenical prayer vigil first came from the Taize Community through Brother Alois, the leader of Taize Community in October 2021 when he was invited to give a speech during the opening of the synod of bishops. Then on 15 January 2023 Pope Francis announced that the next synod assembly of the Roman Catholic Church would be preceded by an ecumenical prayer in St Peter's Square, Rome. The ecumenical prayer was held on the eve of the synod assembly of bishops. 

Together in Indonesia

Following the idea from the Taize Community and the desire to pray with God's people in various places in the world, Prayer and Taize Songs Community Indonesia also held the ecumenical prayer vigil. People from different denominations worked together to prepare this event. Many young people but also adults and even elders came and took part in this event. The ecumenical prayer vigil was led by three church leaders from different denominations—Catholic, Orthodox, and Reformed. 

Adsumus Sancte Spiritus was sung so solemnly as the opening of the ecumenical prayer vigil. Prochoros Rinus Manukallo, one of the Orthodox church leaders, said, "We have difficulty in gathering people in a particular service, but through Taize songs and prayer can together live a life of prayer." 

Brother Alois from Taize Community also showed his support and appreciation through his messages to Yusuf Suharyono, the coordinator of Together Indonesia and the team. He wrote, "Wonderful that we can work together in spite of the geographical distance. In deep communion, Alois."

Tree planting 

At this event, a tree planting was held as a symbol of our concern for creation. The seeds of these plants were also distributed and planted in several other places. Later when those are ripe, people will be able to enjoy it together. The tree planting was not only a symbol of our concern for the creation but also symbol of diversity and friendship; it increased awareness of the importance of social relationships and acceptance of the gifts given through diversity.

Walking together 

There are some ideas coming up after the ecumenical prayer vigil such as: visit each other among the denominations in order to get to know each other, meeting regularly, doing charity together, and even the idea to hold the ecumenical prayer vigil before the next World Council of Churches assembly. This is just one step to strengthen the ecumenical fellowship not only in a prayer, worship, and reflection but also through concrete action and our deep solidarity with others. Gathering the people of God is a momentum to bring people from different denominations to walk together to lift up the dignity of marginal people, to raise the voices of the voiceless, and to answer God's calling in this pilgrimage. 

About the author :

Rr. Manda Andrian graduated from Jakarta Theological Seminary in 2003. Her 5,5 years of studying in seminary made her wonder about a lot of things, especially about her "pilgrimage to seek God and truth".

She was born in a family who try to keep tradition as a part of life values and philosophy. Her parents were Moslem, but after their divorce, long time ago, her mom converted to Christianity. Fasting on certain days, meditation, following some Javanese rituals and celebrations as well as practicing our Christianity are things that Manda sees as a richness in her life deepending her understanding of God and her faith.

From 2005-08 she served on the core group of the Ecumenical Network of Indonesian Students and Youth (ENISY), and from 2008-11 on the YMCA Indonesian National Council. In 2007-09, she worked in an interfaith NGO called Society for Inter Religious Dialogue.

She also participated in various interfaith and peace programmes at local, national and international level, including the ecumenical youth leadership training "Building an Interfaith Community" at the WCC's Ecumenical Institute Bossey in Switzerland, a School of Peace in South Thailand, and the WCC's Youth in Asia Training for Religious Amity (YATRA) in Cambodia. Currently she works as a teacher in an international Christian school in Jakarta.


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