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Assembly communicators reunite to look back—and step forward—together

Nearly 50 of 140 communicators who worked together at the World Council of Churches (WCC) 11th Assembly in Karlsruhe, Germany, in 2022 held an online reunion on 10 April, taking a fun look back at their fondest memories—and a serious look forward on how artificial intelligence is affecting their work. 

Taking Action Against Online Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

11 - 14 December 2023

This workshop will sensitize engaged young people and future church leaders to the prevailing gender inequities on social media and equip a core group of young people and church communicators to advocate for gender justice in social media and other online spaces. 

Ecumenical Institute, Bossey

In respecting the dignity of migrants, “words matter”

When Rekiatu Musa Jingi, an investigative journalist and human rights advocate in Cameroon, shares her learnings about reporting on migrants, shes speaking from both her heart and her mind:I learned how to get and how to conduct great interviews and how to take good pictures and videos without victimizing anybody.”

In short, she added, Words matter.”

WCC shares invitation to join the “100 Languages in 100 Days Challenge”

Do you love languages? Do you believe that everyone should be able to use their own language to share and access knowledge and information, and share their concerns — online and offline? And are you willing to share your translation skills to help bridge the internet's linguistic divide? 

If you do, we invite you to join and volunteer your translation skills to the "100 Languages in 100 Days Challenge."

Un manifiesto a favor de la justicia digital hace un llamado urgente a impulsar un “movimiento transformador”

En un proyecto de manifiesto sobre la comunicación para la justicia social en la era digital, los participantes en un simposio internacional sobre la justicia digital ofrecen conjuntamente su visión sobre el contexto mundial actual. Asimismo, presentan un análisis de las cuestiones y los desafíos planteados, los principios para promover una comunicación socialmente justa y un llamado a impulsar un “movimiento transformador” basado en los derechos humanos, la dignidad de las personas y los valores democráticos.

Le Manifeste pour la justice numérique lance un appel urgent à un «mouvement de transformation»

Dans le document de travail intitulé «Manifeste: La communication en faveur de la justice sociale à l’ère du numérique», les participant-e-s au Symposium international sur la justice numérique offrent collectivement un aperçu du contexte mondial actuel, des difficultés et des enjeux, énonce des principes qui défendent une communication socialement juste et lance un appel à un «mouvement de transformation» fondé sur les droits humains, la dignité humaine et les principes démocratiques.