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WCC brings voice of communities to Commission on the Status of Women

How do we end exclusion, racism, economic injustice? Voices from across the world brought stories—and solutions—via online events hosted by the World Council of Churches (WCC) in conjunction with the Commission on the Status of Women, the UNs largest annual gathering on gender equality and women's empowerment.

Rev. Sally Azar: La campaña de los Jueves de negro “está uniendo a la gente a escala mundial”

Nuestra serie de entrevistas con los embajadores y embajadoras de los Jueves de negro da visibilidad a personas que desempeñan un papel fundamental aumentando la repercusión de nuestro llamado colectivo por un mundo sin violaciones ni violencia. La Rev. Sally Azar, de la Iglesia Evangélica Luterana en Jordania y Tierra Santa, trabaja actualmente como pastora en Jerusalén para las congregaciones de habla árabe e inglesa. 

Pastorin Sally Azar: Donnerstags in Schwarz „bringt alle Menschen zusammen“

Unsere Interview-Serie mit „Donnerstags in Schwarz“-Botschafterinnen und -Botschaftern stellt Menschen in den Mittelpunkt, die eine wichtige Rolle spielen, um die Wirkung unseres gemeinsamen Rufs nach einer Welt ohne Vergewaltigung und Gewalt zu vertiefen. Pastorin Sally Azar arbeitet für die Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche in Jordanien und im Heiligen Land und ist derzeit als Pastorin in Jerusalem sowohl für arabisch- als auch für englischsprachige Gemeinden tätig.

Pasteure Sally Azar: Les Jeudis en noir «fédèrent des personnes du monde entier»

Notre série d’entretiens avec les ambassadeurs et ambassadrices des Jeudis en noir met en lumière les femmes et les hommes qui jouent un rôle essentiel dans l’amplification des effets de notre appel collectif à un monde sans viol ni violence. Pasteure de l’Église évangélique luthérienne de Jordanie et de la Terre Sainte, Sally Azar exerce actuellement son ministère dans des paroisses arabophones et anglophones de Jérusalem.

Rev. Sally Azar: Thursdays in Black “is universally bringing people together”

Our series of interviews with Thursdays in Black ambassadors highlights those who are playing a vital role in increasing the impact of our collective call for a world without rape and violence. Rev. Sally Azar is a pastor at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land, and currently serves as a pastor in Jerusalem for both Arabic and English-speaking congregations. 

On International Women’s Day, “we want us alive”

Women and men gathered online on International Womens Day with deep determination to find solutions to the scourge of femicide. A webinar on 8 March, entitled “End Femicide: Invest in Women’s Lives,” drew more than 100 people online. 

WCC at the Commission on the Status of Women

09 - 22 March 2024

The sixty-eighth session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) will take place from 11 to 22 March 2024. Representatives of Member States, UN entities, and ECOSOC-accredited non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from all regions of the world will be engaged in person and online. The CSW is the largest United Nations gathering on gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Waterfall of Solidarity and Resistance

sharing the stories

The Waterfall of Solidarity and Resistance is a tapestry of over 180 cloth panels, all conveying stories of pain, resistance and hope in efforts to overcome sexual and gender-based violence.  The World Council of Churches invited individuals and groups to contribute panels as part of the Thursdays in Black global movement, and the resulting tapestry was launched at the WCC’s 11th Assembly in September 2022. 

The tapestry itself makes a profound and moving statement of our need and commitment to a world without rape and violence. This publication brings all the panels and the stories and explanations of their creation together so that the words and images can make an even greater impact in our homes and communities.