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WCC stands in solidarity with people of Kanaky New Caledonia

World Council of Churches general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Jerry Pillay, on behalf of the global fellowship, expressed solidarity with the people of Kanaky New Caledonia as they cope with tension and blockades that have brought shortages of food, healthcare, and essential services.

WCC receives delegation from Kanaky New Caledonia

A delegation from the Front de libération nationale kanak et socialiste visited the World Council of Churches (WCC), sharing concerns about human rights and self-determination for the people in Kanaky New Caledonia. 

Webinar remembers past massacres in the Pacific

A webinar on 18 October remembered past massacres in the Pacific, honoring the legacy and resilience of the victims. Speakers reflected on past massacres in Samoa, the Marshall Islands, and Kanaky, all of which took place during colonial times or during occupation.


Webinar will remember past massacres in Marshall Islands, Kanaky, Samoa

18 October 2021

A webinar on 18 October—fourth in an ongoing series—will remember past massacres that took place during colonial times or during occupation, and conversations will take participants to the Marshall Islands, the experience of the Kanaki people, and to Samoa.