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Seine Seligkeit Anastasios veröffentlicht Botschaft über Resilienz und Mut

Seine Seligkeit Anastasios, Erzbischof von Tirana, Durrës und ganz Albanien, hat zwischen dem orthodoxen Oster- und dem orthodoxen Pfingstfest eine Botschaft an die weltweite Gemeinschaft von Kirchen im Ökumenischen Rat der Kirchen (ÖRK). In der heutigen Welt, so seine Botschaft, sei „die Berufung auf den Namen Christi für politische Zwecke und die Unterdrückung von einzelnen Menschen und ganzen Völkern nicht hinnehmbar“.

Anastasios, der Ehrenmitglied der Akademie von Athen und ehemaliger ÖRK-Präsident mit mehr als sechzig Jahren Erfahrung in der ökumenischen Bewegung ist, ist in interreligiösen und internationalen Kreisen bekannt für sein Engagement für Frieden und seine Weisheit und Weitsicht.

His Beatitude Anastasios shares message of resilience and courage

His Beatitude Anastasios, archbishop of Tirana, Durrës and All Albania, shares a message for the World Council of Churches (WCC) global fellowship, between the Orthodox Easter and Pentecost. In todays world, the message notes: The invoking of Christs name has no place in plans of political expediency and oppression of individuals and peoples.”

Anastasios, an honorary member of the Academy of Athens and a former WCC president, with more than six decades in the ecumenical movement, is known as a herald of peace and wisdom in inter-religious and international circles. 

South Sudan churches share Easter messages of hope

Churches in South Sudan shared Easter messages of hope, even amid troubling times for the African nation.The South Sudan Council of Churches, in its message, emphasized renewed hope. “In today’s world, marked by so many conflicts and so much suffering, we understand that many of us feel disheartened,” reads the message.

2024 Joint North-South Korea Easter Prayer

It has been 28 years since the two Koreas began the Easter joint prayer together. It is a prayer that started with glory to God who gave him the strength to work for unification. I hope that unification alone will fulfill its last duty.

Seven Weeks for Water 2024, final refection: "Groaning earth needs resurrection through 'water of life'"

The last reflection of the Seven Weeks for Water 2024 series of the WCC Ecumenical Water Network is jointly written by Rev. Audra Hudson Stone and Jacob Stone. They argue that natural disasters are not natural anymore; rather, they are human-induced. These disasters are the groaning of the earth, which is drawing our attention to mend our ways. The Stones are hopeful that, as Jesus rose from the shackles of death, the mother earth, too, will rise from its despair, suffering, and death through the water of life”—Jesus Christ. To that end, we need to facilitate and practice resurrection” of the earth!

On Palm Sunday, WCC walks in solidarity with Gaza Christians

On Palm Sunday, accompaniers from the World Council of Churches (WCC) Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel walked in the traditional procession, carrying messages of solidarity with Gaza Christians during an especially painful time.