Digital Justice Cover

Digital Justice

A Study and Action Guide

Are you worried about fake news and social media causing real-world problems? Are you concerned about online hate speech and trolling? Are you committed to ecological and social justice, but are not sure how this relates to anything digital

Do you, or does anyone you know use digital technologies to build community, work, and advocate for justice? If you said yes to any of these questions, this guide is for you.

Whether used for group discussion or individual learning, the guide explains some of the key justice dilemmas of our increasingly digital world, with fast facts, case studies, faith connections, discussion questions, and suggestions for further resources. 

The guide is a co-publication of the World Council of Churches and the World Association for Christian Communication []

ISBN: 978-2-8254-1823-9

Shelving/Topics: Religion, Digital Justice

Rights: World, all languages

52 pages

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Download "Digital Justice: A Study and Action Guide" in English, French, and Spanish.

"To respond to challenges and opportunities of the digital age, we need an inclusive and holistic participatory approach that is both international and intergenerational, based on the sacred value of social justice." Communication for Social Justice in a Digital Age, Symposium Manifesto, September 2021