Colourful ribbons

Ribbons with messages of peace and reunification hung on the Freedom Bridge at Imjingak, a park located on the banks of the Imjin River in the Demilitarized Zone dividing the two Koreas.


God, take pity on us.

Peace by force, the “advancing northward for freedom” policy, increased nuclear force, and the declaration of hostile state relations are heartbreaking. Many agreements that have been made so far with some difficulty are losing their power.

DMZ guard posts in North Korea and South Korea aimed at each other have been restored, and landmines have been laid on the Gyeongui Line of the inter-Korean economic cooperation road. The Kaesong Industrial District Support Foundation has been dissolved, and the tasks of connecting the people's separated families are disappearing. The passageway for the summit between the two Koreas, where 130,000 people were coming and going, and the breathing room that they were preparing for the PyeongChang Olympics together are disappearing. Even now, 100,000 separated families, who have been torn apart by coercion, have been rejected for natural meetings. Despite our longing, we have been unable to properly wipe away the tears of the separated families looking for each other from the North and from the South. The violence of division that permeated Korean society has extensively contaminated us and our wounds have grown.

God, forgive us.

In regard to the history of the Korean Peninsula and the long future that we are living into, the division is a very brief. Yet the wound of division is far too large. God, please have pity on all those who have contributed to the division, and forgive us for not being more active toward reunification. Forgive us for not holding the cross of the nation upright and as we have instead deepened the division.

Let us not be tempted by anti-unification, separation, and stabilization of division, and save us from the evil of the greedy international order.

Let us lift up God’s name.

Please give us the wisdom, love and determination we need for peace on the Korean Peninsula today.

Let reunification policy be legislated for the North-South, and South-North so that the consistency of the reunification policy can be maintained even if the regime changes.

Let all the adversities that the two Koreas are experiencing now be the process of raising workers for reunification.

Let us prepare for the future of the Korean Peninsula with a daily life of peace.

Let the division of the Korean Peninsula be not our end, but the last step toward peace.

We pray for the day when marriage will come and go and young people from North-South and South-North will make families together.

Let the power that raised Jesus Christ from death be the source of the breakdown of division.

May God’s name be raised through the reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

May God's will be fulfilled on earth.


It was Holy Week when the azaleas reached their peak somewhere on the Korean Peninsula, and Easter Sunday when they bloomed and spread. As the azaleas have done, let an Easter peace bloom on the Korean Peninsula.

Let us look with pain at the wounds of the Korean Peninsula during Holy Week, let us look with strength at a reunified Korean Peninsula through Easter Sunday, and let all churches in the North and South of Korea, the South and North of Korea, look at the division anew after Ascension Day.

Let peace on the Korean Peninsula be achieved on this land, just as God’s will is fulfilled in heaven.