Man reads a Bible

A man reads the bible as Sunday service is celebrated in the Eastleigh congregation of the Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church in Nairobi. The Eastleigh congregation, of Mathare Lutheran Parish, Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church (KELC), is home to some 1200 congregants, including some 300-400 children.



We are thankful for:

  • the abundant wildlife, natural resources and people indigenous to these countries and that they are protected, not exploited

  • the literacy rate in Kenya, the highest in Africa, and for the schools that churches and their partners support and sustain in both countries

  • the faithful witness of the churches in their communities, and in building positive relationships with those of other faiths

  • persons and organizations who meet the needs of the hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees from other African countries.

We pray for:

  • greater tolerance between Christians and Muslims as they work together to improve the lives of all people

  • youth, that they not succumb to radicalization but are prepared to sustain their lives and communities

  • all victims of violence, especially sexual or gender-based violence, and all who are marginalized or excluded from communities

  • those who are most vulnerable to climate change and drought, that they may have clean water to drink and for their crops and animals to flourish

  • economic growth and trade that benefits all the people.



In all seasons, let peace prevail

Dear Lord,
We thank you for the gift of peace. It's a gift that only you can give.
Lord, we are living in great turmoil - hunger, disease, poverty and tears.
The cost of living has gone so high; there is so much desperation and despair.
Lord, your children are crying out to you - hearken unto us and bring forth a breakthrough.
We pray that above all we will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are in control. May we be still and know that you are God who never fails.
We stand on your promises that you have a good plan for us - one of prosperity and not harm.
We pray that as we go through the various seasons of our lives - the ups and downs - that your perfect peace will prevail through all things.
We place our assurance on you knowing that you are above all things and in you all things hold together.
Be glorified Lord. Arise and take your place.

(© 2011 Laura Wachira, Kenya)


God of Hope,

whose Spirit gives light and power to your people,
empower us to witness to your name in all nations,
to struggle for your own justice
against all principalities and powers
and to persevere with faith and humour
in the tasks that you have given to us.
Without you we are powerless.
Therefore we cry together:
Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus.

And grant that we may with one voice and one heart
glorify and sing praise to the majesty of your holy Name,
of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

(“An Invitation to Prayer” at the opening of the fifth assembly of the World Council of Churches, Nairobi, 1975.)


We rise up in the morning before the day, to take ourselves to labour, to
prepare our harvest. Protect us from the dangerous animal and from the
serpent, and from every stumbling block.
Boora Punnu [God], you alone have created us and given us the capacity
to feel hunger, so we need grain and we must have fertile fields.

(The Prayers of African Religion, John Mbiti, © 1975 SPCK, London, UK. In the US, Orbis Books, Maryknoll NY, USA, 1975.)