Road with a church spire in distance

Toad towards Keila Church, the biggest medieval country church in Harju county in Estonia.



We are thankful for:

  • preservation of the distinct cultural practices, literature, music and natural resources in these countries.
  • the faithful witness of Christians during times of persecution and for those who survived times of occupation.
  • how these countries peacefully became independent after 1918 and 1991.
  • new-found freedoms that the people here have experienced, that they might be used for the good of all.

We pray for:

  • peaceful relations with Russia and among all the ethnic groups in these lands.
  • the healing of old wounds remaining from 20th century struggles.
  • just economic development that benefits all citizens in these countries, and for those who live and work abroad.
  • governmental leaders and all people, that they might together strive for justice, peace and the well-being of all.


Crumble the walls

God, we pray:
crumble the walls that still separate Christians,
and create a unity, according to your heart and will.
Accept us as we are, but mold us as you want us to be,
and help us become the leaven of unity and love
in our country and around the world.

(Zbigņevs Stankevičs, the Archbishop Metropolitan of the Roman Catholic Church in Latvia, from: WCC NEWS)

Stay with us

Oh God,
we don`t know what lies ahead.
Therefore stay with us, so that we may stay in you
and confess your name to the end.

(© Ove Sander, Estonia)

Roll back the stones

Lord Jesus, you have always loved us from the beginning, and you have shown the depth of your love in dying for us on the cross and thereby sharing our sufferings and wounds. At this moment, we lay all the obstacles that separate us from your love at the foot of your cross. Roll back the stones which imprison us. Awaken us to your resurrection morning. There may we meet the brothers and sisters from whom we are separated.

(Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2016, Latvia)