On World AIDS Day, as we remember the HIV pandemic is still a challenge for the world, the main content of the tools will be explained with regard to the Global AIDS Strategy and the experiences of local churches responding to HIV stigma.

The first tool is Recommended Practices to Combat HIV-Related Stigma: A Guidebook for Local Faith Communities.” This publication presents experiences of local congregations responding to HIV stigma. HIV stigma remains a significant barrier to universal access to care and prevention services and continues to be a challenge for the world, demanding our engagement and action. The faith community, with its large networks, influence and leadership, is well-placed to end HIV stigma and discrimination.

The second tool is Faith Sector Implementation of the Global AIDS Strategy.” As the HIV epidemic continues to present a challenge for todays world, the engagement and action of faith communities, in coordination with other actors, are crucial if we want to realize the goal of ending AIDS as a public health threat by 2030. The publication explores the question: How can faith communities have sound and relevant responses to the current challenges of HIV?The authors summarize three global strategies on HIV and provide examples of interventions and actions for faith communities.

After introducing these two tools, the webinar will close with a call to action, a question-and-answer session with participants, and a preview of HIV-related tools coming in 2024. 

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WCC, UNAIDS offer new tools to equip faith communities to end HIV (WCC news release, 5 October 2023)

Link to "Faith Sector Implementation of the Global AIDS Strategy."

Link to "Recommended Practices to Combat HIV-Related Stigma."