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Visit of International Leadership Programs Geneva-Konstanz 2024


Eleven students from Elizabethtown College (US) and 13 students from the Konstanz University of Applied Sciences in Germany were among the visitors. 

Gabriel Karl, from Elizabethtown College, explained that the trip is part of a programme on international organizations for the students. I learned that my own church is a member of the WCC, and I learned the importance of international collaboration in terms of diplomacy,” said Karl, who is from the Methodist Church. I took with me a message about continuing to listen, to hear what the world has to say, about still paying attention to the rest of the world instead of living our lives with our noise-canceling headphones on.”

Kateryna Lopushenko, from the Konstanz University of Applied Sciences, said that the WCC visit is part of an international leadership program for the students. Here in Geneva, we are visiting important institutions whether they are political or spiritually oriented, because leadership comes in a variety of ways. We are trying to learn as much as possible from different perspectives,” said Lopushenko. I think I learned that the WCC is trying to be very inclusive, and that negotiations change options and beliefs.”

Lopushenko learned more about the importance of staying engaged and listening to people. It is not so good to shut yourself way,” said Lopushenko. It’s good to have a community.”

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Visit of the Hong Kong Christian Council to the Ecumenical Center


The Hong Kong Christian Council, celebrating its 70th anniversary, visited the WCC to show solidarity with Christian Unity.

Rev. Ray K.F. Wong, general secretary of the Hong Kong Christian Council, is also a member of the WCC central committee. We want to promote Christian unity in Hong Kong,” said Wong. There are so many conflicts between churches. We want to bring brothers and sisters with different denominations together, and journey together to understand each other more, and understand what happened in the past to divide the church.”

Now,” he added, we have to come together for oneness in Christ.”

Pang Suk-Yi, executive secretary, said that the Hong Kong Christian Council is visiting many sites of historical significance in church history.