Marcilien Georges pulls in a fish in a small fishing boat off the coast of northwestern Haiti near the village of Plateforme.


Pillay reflected that trust is the essential ingredient without which human societies—and the global community—cannot function. However, in todays divided and increasingly conflictual world, it is a commodity in critically short supply,” said Pillay. While some of those in attendance in Davos are themselves drivers of inequality, injustice, and division, we want to believe that many others are genuinely committed to exercising their considerable influence to promote a greater measure of justice and peace in the world.”

The four key themes identified for the meeting are: Achieving Security and Cooperation in a Fractured World,” “Creating Growth and Jobs for a New Era,” “Artificial Intelligence as a Driving Force for the Economy and Society,” and A Long-Term Strategy for Climate, Nature, and Energy.”

Rebuilding trust will be an essential precondition for progress in any of these areas, Pillay observed.

Given the unprecedented constellation of global crises – especially of climate, conflict, and economic inequality – there is an urgent need for cooperation and action, rather than division and unconstructive competition,” he said. The Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum gathers key decision-makers in the fields of politics, economics and business. The power of this gathering must be leveraged for rebuilding trust and the renewal of commitment to multilateral cooperation in facing these crises, not only in the short-term interests of a privileged few but for the longer-term good of all people and our common home."

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