Colombia flag

I congratulate you and all your counterparts on reaching the first agreements between the Colombian government and the ELN providing for the participation of civil society in the process of negotiation and in measures for the implementation of the ceasefire,” wrote Pillay.

Pillay urged all other armed groups to join this momentum for total peace” in Colombia, and to begin roundtables of dialogue and negotiation with the government.

As we look forward to the full entry into force of the bilateral, national and temporary ceasefire on 3 August, WCC is seeking to increase its engagement and support for the peace process,” wrote Pillay.

Pillay added that he hopes to be able to visit Colombia later this year, together with an international ecumenical delegation.

In the meantime, I pray that your commitment will remain resolute, that your efforts will continue to bear good fruit, and that despite the challenges and obstacles that may still be encountered, the momentum towards total peacewill become unstoppable,” Pillay concluded.

Read the full letter from the WCC general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Jerry Pillay to the Colombian President H.E. Gustavo Petro Urrego