World Social Forum 2009

2009: Indigenous Peoples from the Amazon lead a march on the streets of Belém, Brazil, during the World Social Forum 9th edition.


The forums purpose is to create reflective thinking, democratic debate of ideas, formulation of proposals, free exchange of experiences, and interlinking for effective actions. Originating in 2001 with the vision of "Another World is Possible," the 2024 edition is themed around the call for "Another World Now."

The WCC will participate in thematic panels on Climate Justice, Ecology, Just Transitions, Habitat, and Sustainable Development,on 16 February, and Land, Agriculture, Food Sovereignty, Agro-Ecology Energy, and Natural Resources,on 17 February. 

The WCC will also be involved in side events such as Debt Jubilee in a Time of Climate Change,on 18 February, in which church and community leaders as well as experts from climate-vulnerable countries will share lived experiences and case studies on the intersections between external debt and climate change. 

Topics such as the upcoming World Water Forum as well as water as a human right will also be forefront at gatherings and discussions. 

Learn more about the WCC participation in the World Social Forum 2024