Humanitarian aid workers at the Vama Siret border crossing, Romania, 17 March 2022. The Vama Siret border crossing connects northeast Romania with Ukraine. Following the invasion of Ukraine by Russian military starting on 24 February 2022, close to four million refugees have fled across the Ukrainian border into Romania.


This is an increasingly important issue in humanitarian policy today as needs are rising around the world due to the climate emergency, conflicts, and economic injustice—even while humanitarian budgets are decreasing.

The discussion will be based on a recent paper on humanitarian need by Dr Hugo Slim of the University of Oxford for Impact Initiatives and published by the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies.

This is the third of four discussions held in Geneva on the subject. All interested participants welcome, both in person and online.

For those wishing to participate remotely, please request a Zoom link from [email protected].

How should we define and prioritise humanitarian need? Report by Dr Hugo Slim published by the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies