Cross in the Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Geneva, Switzerland.


Pillay expressed a spirit of unity and hope. The challenges we face are numerous and multifaceted, from the deep fractures in our societies to the escalating impacts of climate change, which threaten the very fabric of Gods creation,” he said. Our call to embody the love and teachings of Christ is more crucial than ever.”

Pillay added that unity and collaboration are vital.

The churchs work in areas such as antiracism and reconciliation, advocacy on behalf of all Gods children, care for the Earth, economic justice, and church vitality relate directly to the work the World Council of Churches does throughout the world with you, our other member churches, and ecumenical partners in over 120 countries,” wrote Pillay. Let us continue to support one another, drawing strength from our shared faith, as we endeavor to be beacons of light in these dark times.”

The Episcopal Church will elect a new presiding bishop. Whoever the next bishop is, they will find colleagues in the fellowship of the WCC eager to journey with them in the ways of Christ,” wrote Pillay. May God bless you, gathered for this historic occasion, and may God bless all who work to make the case for love increasingly present in our very divided world.”

WCC Greetings to the 81st General Convention of The Episcopal Church