Cross with figure of Jesus inside pictured in a church.

The Pentecost is the descent of the Holy Spirit on the church and the empowerment of its missionary outreach,” the message reads. In a world in which life in its human and ecological dimensions is threatened, we need the Spirit of life to protect the sacredness, wholeness, and integrity of the God-given life."

The message also reflects on the need for the intervention of the Holy Spirit to tear down walls that divide.

In a world dominated by corruption, injustice, and the decay of moral and spiritual values, we need the renewing presence of the Holy Spirit to transform our societies through the Gospel values,” reads the message. Empower us to articulate more concretely our missionary engagement in all parts of the world, and particularly at these critical moments in the Middle East.”

The message concludes: Help us to replace hatred by love, violence by dialogue, and self-centeredness by mutual acceptance. Make us instruments of justice, apostles of peace, and messengers of life.”

Full text: A Message for the Churches – At Pentecost (2024)