Land plot in Ukraine

A small plot of a family farmland in the village of Bil’machivka - a community of just over 500 people north of the town of Ichnya, Chernihiv Oblast in Ukraine. The main building on the property was destroyed as Russian military marched through the village invading Ukraine in the spring of 2022, so the family of four has now had to move - at least until the end of the war.


“Unfortunately, despite our best efforts over the intervening months, practical and political obstacles to the participation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) and the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU) as core participants in any such dialogue process render our plans impracticable for the time being,” said Pillay. "We continue to believe that the engagement of both the UOC and the OCU is an essential foundation for the dialogue process we envisage, for promoting social cohesion among the people of Ukraine on their journey as a free and independent nation, and for the broader search for peace in a deeply divided and contentious world.”

The WCC leadership had undertaken visits to the churches in Ukraine and to the Russian Orthodox Church with a view to securing participation in a dialogue process.

Pillay concluded: “The WCC stands always ready to convene and facilitate any such dialogue, to explore other possible formats, and to work with and through its member churches for peace in Ukraine, for a fuller realization of the things that make for peace, and against the unconscionable violence of war.”

WCC Statement on Postponement of Roundtable Dialogue on Ukraine