WCC moderator excom Colombia 2024

Bishop Dr Heinrich Bedford-Strohm presents his address to the WCC executive committee meeting in Bogota, Colombia, on 6 June.


In our last meeting in Abuja, Nigeria, we were informed about the newest developments in the struggle for peace and reconciliation in Colombia,he said. We heard about the important role the churches can play in this struggle.

When the WCC received an invitation from the Colombian churches and the government to hold the executive committee meeting in Bogota, it was soon clear the WCC would accept this invitation, explained Bedford-Strohm.

Our visit takes place during a time that the Colombian government, churches, and people are collaborating in the design, implementation, and advocacy for the construction of peace in the country,” he said. We come to Colombia to reaffirm our ecumenical conviction that violence is never a solution but produces only losers and creates new suffering.

In addition to expressing words of gratitude to the Colombian hosts and to his colleagues within the WCC, Bedford-Strohm also spoke of a wounded world, and what churches are called to do.

I conclude with a call to get involved in the struggles of the world by affirming hope,” he said. In societies in which citizens often show apathy or even disgust for politics, churches must be a source of encouragement for involvement.

Christians must be a source of solidarity for marginalized and disadvantaged people, as well as for the nonhuman natural environment which has become increasingly vulnerable, Bedford-Strohm urged. Politics is an indispensable, sometimes even decisive, dimension of such advocacy,” he said. The fact that we have been invited to this country, struggling for a lasting peace, mirrors the great responsibility we have.

The WCC executive committee is meeting in Bogota, Colombia, from 6-11 June, where the governing body will focus not only on the business of the WCC but also on absorbing the life and witness of churches at the heart of the Pilgrimage of Justice, Reconciliation, and Unity.

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