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This marks a significant milestone in our journey, and I am filled with gratitude for the commitment and dedication each of you brings to the ecumenical table,” said Pillay. The online interactions in the last months of last year, including the Faith and Order Commission and the Nicaea 2025 Steering Group Meetings, served as a testament to your resilience and adaptability.

Pillay also noted that Faith and Order has played a foundational role in illuminating the path for the WCC from its inception. The theological insights derived from the past Faith and Order processes do not merely establish a foundational framework but extend well beyond the WCC fellowship, contributing to cultivating dialogue and communion among churches,” he said. The mission of Faith and Order serves also as a catalyst for a more profound ecumenical engagement with the world.

Pillay reflected on the significance of the Faith and Order meeting in Indonesia. The religious diversity in this region serves as a vibrant backdrop for your deliberations, reminding us of the global nature of our mission,” he said. By coming together in North Sulawesi, we deepen our understanding of the challenges and opportunities unique to this context, enriching our theological discourse and strengthening our fellowship with local churches.

The commissions work is also integral to the preparation of the broader vision of WCC for 2025, noted Pillay.

How do we provide space to study and dialogue with new and emerging theologies that may be different from our own church traditions?” he asked. We acknowledge that our journey is one of constant learning and growth.

WCC general secretary address to the Faith and Order Commission meeting in Indonesia

WCC Commission on Faith and Order to convene in Indonesia (WCC news release, 31 January 2024)

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