WCC GS Colombian senate

It is my joy to greet you on behalf of the World Council of Churches,” said Pillay. The World Council of Churches was established some 75 years ago just after the Second World War and its intention was to bring Christians together in unity to address the big issues in the world, especially centered on issues of justice.”

Pillay is leading a delegation in Colombia to convey a message of the WCCs commitment to accompanying and supporting the nations peace processes.

The World Council of Churches works on issues of peace in many, many countries in the world, and we have a very long history of working with Colombia,” said Pillay to the Colombia senate. As the World Council of Churches, we are very pleased that we have been invited by the government to be part of the facilitating team in working towards the process for peace.”

Earlier this year, the WCC, with the Colombian Episcopal Conference, United Nations Mission in Colombia, and Organization of American States, was appointed as a permanent accompanier of the peace roundtable between the Estado Mayor Central FARC-EP and the Colombian government.

We are grateful for that opportunity and the World Council of Churches wishes to walk and accompany you in this country, so that we may work together for total peace,” Pillay said to the Colombian senate.

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