He reflected to the congregation that the WCC prizes their ecumenical spirit. We also praise your patient, conscientious, and diligent efforts to frame authentic Christian commitment in the Chinese context,” he said. Your support for deep historical and theological research, for theological education, and for ongoing dialogue with other religious traditions is so important.”

He also reflected on a deeper understanding of the cultural context of Christianity in China. They also ensure your continued positive contribution to the lives and wellbeing of Christians—who love their country and their faith—and indeed to all society,” he said. We pray, Spirit of God, make us instruments of justice, apostles of peace, and messengers of life.”

Pillay concluded by humbly thanking all who received him for their hospitality. "And I pray for your remaining steadfast in faith, resilient in hope, and always eager to serve the Lord through your love for all the people of China,” he said.

Pillays visit to China, from 23-28 May, was to engage with church and religious leaders at national and regional levels in Shanghai, Nanjing, and Beijing. 

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Photo gallery of the WCC general secretary visit to China