People in the streets

The Mathare neighborhood of Nairobi, Kenya.


In particular, reports of the use of live ammunition against protestors resulting in some deaths outside the parliament building in Nairobi are deeply disturbing,” said Pillay. We call for restraint on all sides – for protestors to exercise their right to protest nonviolently, and for security forces to respond proportionally with non-lethal means.”

Pillay said: We urge dialogue and public debate to address the issues which have provoked nationwide protests in recent days, and appeal for respect for democratic processes, human rights, and the rule of law by all concerned.”

On 25 June, part of Kenya's parliament building was set on fire as thousands of protesters against a new finance bill entered and legislators fled. 

Protesters had demanded that legislators vote against a bill imposing new taxes.

Police reportedly fired live ammunition and threw tear gas canisters at protesters. 

Clashes also spread to other cities.

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