book packing

In expressing his profound thanks to the World Council of Churches, Rt Rev. Volker Schulz, a bishop of the Moravian Unity, speaking on behalf of the Moravian church in Switzerland, who will sponsor the shipment of the books to Tanzania, said that he was “very glad we can transfer some of the books to TEKU which serves, too, as the theological training center for nine Moravian provinces in Tanzania.” 

He indicated that “there is an urgent need to have books, because electricity is not the best in Tanzania and people have to find resources.” 

Rev Frieder Vollprecht, pastor of the Moravian societies in Basel and Berne, added his words of gratitude. He highlighted that “good theological literature is always a big need, especially in the countries of the South.” He expressed his hope that the books will do a “good job for the students in Mbeya,” providing not only education but a “broader view on the ecumenical world.” 

Rev. Dr Mikie Roberts, WCC programme executive for Spiritual Life and a Moravian clergy, recalled that, in his first and only visit to Tanzania in 2016 as part of the 10th anniversary of TEKU, that the image of the many empty shelves in the university’s library, was one that never left his mind. For him, arranging to have these books donated to the library at TEKU was a tangible way of expressing the WCC’s ongoing Pilgrimage of Justice, Reconciliation, and Unity. 

“We are a fellowship of churches and what better way to demonstrate this pilgrimage by being in solidarity with each other, especially in the area of ecumenical theological education and formation,” said Roberts. 

The dean of the TEKU’s department of theology, Rev. Mary Kategile, in anticipating the arrival of the books, remarked: “We deeply appreciate the gift of these books from the WCC and the generosity of the Moravian Church in Switzerland and know that they will be of great help to our students in their theological education and formation.” 

The student population of TEKU is approximately 2.000 students with about 60 students in the department of theology. 

 The Moravian Church in Tanzania has been a member church of the WCC since 1982.