Buildings destroyed by bombing in Irpin', on the outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine.

Buildings destroyed by bombing in Irpin', Kyiv region, Ukraine.


The WCC delegation consists of Bishop Dr Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, WCC moderator of the central committee;  H.E. Archbishop Dr Vicken Aykazian, vice-moderator of the WCC central committee; and Rev. Prof. Dr Jerry Pillay, WCC general secretary. The delegation is accompanied by Peter Prove, WCC director of the Commission of the Churches on International Affairs and Prof. Dr Vasile-Octavian Mihoc, WCC programme executive for Ecumenical Relations and Faith and Order.

WCC representatives last visited Ukraine in August 2022 when they held a number of formal meetings and visited the besieged country to listen to the representatives of local churches, as well as state institutions working with religious issues, and to ensure the participation of Ukraine's churches at the WCC assembly in August-September 2022.

During the visit, the delegation — aiming to receive a full picture of the current situation in Ukraine in the religious field — will have a number of formal meetings with representatives of Ukrainian churches as well as with other representatives.