Panellists with hands joined

Participants of the training on Ecumenical Diakonia and Sustainable Development held in Medan, Indonesia, from 29 April to 2 May.


The programme, titled Ecumenical Diakonia and Sustainable Development,” was held in Medan, Indonesia, from 29 April to 2 May.

It drew 40 participants, representing Asian churches from 14 countries, who are engaged in ministries related to social, economic, and environmental challenges.

One participant, Rev. Genesis Mark Langbaom, from the Episcopal Church in the Philippines, explained what it means to listen to the voices of communities. Communities and churches can work together to be sustainable and resilient, building up their capacities,” he said. The church can be with them just like the Christ was with people on their journey and in their needs.”

And, Langbaom added, focusing on a communitys assets leads to empowering that community.

Another participant, Rev. Mika Purba, Batak Christian Protestant Church, defined empowering” as more than just meeting immediate needs. It requires fostering autonomy and participation in the decision-making process,” she said. We need collaboration and networking to achieve our goal to help people.”

She also emphasized a culture of empowerment as well as long-term sustainability. 

Other themes discussed included "Diakonia as Common Witness for Transformation in a Divided World,” “Regional Approaches on Sustainable Development Issues,” and Networking and Collaboration for Collective Impact,” among others. 

WCC, Christian Conference of Asia offer training in diakonia, sustainable development (WCC news release, 02 May 2024)

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