Photo of neighbourhood in rubbles after bombing.

File photo: Neighbourhood in rubbles near as-Shifa hospital in Gaza, April 2024. 

World Council of Churches (WCC) general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Jerry Pillay underscored the importance of respecting international law as a foundation for the sustainable resolution of the conflict in Israel and Palestine. 

The egregious violations perpetrated in the attacks on 7 October and those evidenced by the appalling impacts on civilians and humanitarian workers in the context of the ongoing war in Gaza have only underlined the urgent necessity of equal accountability to these principles,” Pillay said. The WCC therefore hopes and prays that the latest measures taken by the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court will serve to reassert the salience of international law in this context, as against the manifest injustices resulting from the unconstrained application of armed violence and political power.”

Statement on International Criminal Court warrants

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