Dr h.c. Humberto Shikiya and Monsignor Héctor Fabio Henao

Dr h.c. Humberto Shikiya, WCC special envoy for the peace process in Colombia, and Monsignor Héctor Fabio Henao, delegate for the Colombian Bishops’ Conference for Church-state relations.


The UN Security Council delegation learned about the implementation of the final peace agreement reached in 2016 between the government and the FARC as well as the total peace process promoted by the government of Colombian president Gustavo Petro.

The WCC was invited, through its special envoy for the peace process, Dr h.c. Humberto Shikiya, to participate together with the Roman Catholic Church, represented by Monsignor Héctor Fabio Henao, delegate for the Colombian Bishops’ Conference for Church-state relations, in the dialogue that was held between the UN Security Council and civil society organizations.

It was a very positive dialogue where the church sector, together with peace organizations and the academic sector, were able to present their opinions and messages on peace and security,” said Shikiya. To achieve total peace—a just and sustainable peace—it is important that the Security Council strengthen its support for peace-building processes through dialogues with the different armed groups, protecting the dignity of populations and communities in the territories within the framework of international humanitarian law and respect for human rights.”

The messages were also made explicit in a joint greeting between DiPaz, a local ecumenical peace building platform, and the WCC to the Security Council delegation. The message expressed appreciation for the work of the Security Council through the UN Verification Mission in Colombia, as well as the commitment in the peace dialogue tables between the government and the armed groups.

Between 7 -11 February, the UN delegation visited territories in which they were able to interact with organizations of women, youth, peasants, and signatories of the peace agreement, among other groups. Through this lens, they were able to see the progress and challenges on the road to peace.

In a declaration, the representatives of the Security Council, through their co-leaders, expressed their satisfaction with the visit, and reiterated their firm intention of continuing to accompany the Colombian people in their search for peace. 

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