An event that included reflections, education, and a call to action unfolded in the seminarys chapel, where students, staff, and community leaders gathered. 

Dr Moses Iliya Ogidis, director of the Postgraduate School, delivered a reflection urging the seminary community, church leaders, faculty members, students, and staff to recognize the urgent need to join the campaign to end rape and gender-based violence in Nigeria—starting from the seminary community. He emphasized the importance of collective action to create a safe and just society for all.

The event aimed to raise awareness about the prevalence of rape and gender-based violence, encourage solidarity with survivors of sexual and gender-based violence; and promote a culture of nonviolence and respect for all individuals.

The campaign's message resonated deeply with the audience, inspiring a sense of responsibility and commitment to creating positive change, especially with the rate of insecurity and the kidnappings of school girls and women by the terrorists who violate them sexually,” said Ogidis. The event marked a significant step towards promoting gender justice and combating violence against women and girls within the seminary community and beyond.”

The day culminated with a call for action for the seminary community to start thinking of programs geared towards transformative masculinities and femininities. People committed to wearing black on Thursdays, as well as be intentional in programs and messages on gender justice and social and religious transformation of individuals and the entire community.

"The seminary looks forward to more partnership and collaborations with the World Council of Churches for more informative, transformative, and educative programs,” said Ogidis.