Kanaky people

The 12th General Assembly of the Pacific Conference of Churches took place in Kanaky, 20-23 November 2023.


As we pray and call for a cessation of violence, by all sides, we are also cognisant of the reality that what we have witnessed, not only over the past few days, but in the months since the fist of the French Government began to squeeze tighter on the throats of the Kanak people as they continue to cry from the depths of their hearts for their own experience of liberty, equity, and fraternity,” reads the statement. It cannot be ignored that eruption of violence is the manifestation of the pain, trauma, and frustration of a community who have consistently had their Indigenous and political rights undermined, by a French government whose rhetoric of being a 'Pacific nation’ is exposed by its actions.”

The Pacific Conference of Churches urges the members of the Église protestante de Kanaky Nouvelle-Calédonie, to sister churches, to sister religions and to all believers in Kanaky, to appeal for prayer, solidarity, and compassion in this time of crisis.”

The statement also calls for political, customary, and religious leaders, and all who call Kanaky home, to practice responsibility, calm, and peace in this time of crisis.”

The message also urges the statement and government of New Caledonia to ban the sale and use of firearms. 

Member churches and national councils of churches, as well as regional and global partners, are urged to pray and stand in solidarity to support the voice of the people in the region and internationally. 

We further call the World Council of Churches, through the Commission of Churches on International Affairs, to make this issue a priority of its work through engagement with the French Government and the United Nations Committees on Decolonisation,” reads the statement. 

The statement concludes by urging the French State to honour its impartial role in the decolonisation process by immediately withdrawing the constitutional bill to unfreeze the electorate and to immediately initiate an equitable dialogue process, facilitated by a neutral third party.” The message also asks the UN to lead an impartial and competent dialogue mission to monitor critically the alarming situation in the country.”

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