People pose for a group photo outside a stone building.

Jerusalem Liaison Office Advisory Group gather together with WCC general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Jerry Pillay. 


The Jerusalem Liaison Office Advisory Group works under the framework of the WCCs policy on Palestine and Israel. The group is responsible for providing guidance, advice, and support to the WCC programmes and staff based in Jerusalem.

Its specific tasks are to advise the WCC general secretary on how best to respond to relevant developments through its programmes and activities in order to promote a just peace in Palestine and Israel and help sustain the Christian presence in the Holy Land, and receive information about the work of the different programmes and activities of the Jerusalem Liaison Office.

In its most recent meeting, the committee reiterated the call from the Heads of Churches and Patriarchs in Jerusalem for a global conference of church leaders on preserving Jerusalems Christian identity. The WCC general secretary supported the need for this and indicated that such a conference should take place sometime this year. It was proposed that Amman or Jerusalem would be an ideal venue. 

Pillay said, It is absolutely concerning that many young people and families are leaving Palestine and it is understood under these trying circumstances as people seek a better future. However, it is sad to note that with such an exodus the Christian presence in the Holy Land is diminishing quite rapidly. I am glad that the church leaders and the Jerusalem Liaison Office are keen to address this situation.” 

The committee also advanced the idea of a WCC solidarity fund, which is needed as many young families are planning to leave and many organizations are in need. 

Regarding the future of Palestine and Israel, the committee emphasized the importance of finding a solution that guarantees equality, justice, and security for all.

The committee will continue to analyze the political, social, and economic context of the region, in particular from the perspective of the churches and church-related organizations. 

The membership of the group includes representatives of local churches, local partner organisations, and members of WCC Jerusalem-based programme reference groups. 

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