Christiane Gebauer sitting on a chair at the international symposium on Social Justice in a Digital Age is held in Berlin, Germany

For Ehrengruber, prayer is not just a religious ritual but an integral part of her identity and faith. 

"In constant conversation with God, I feel Gods presence in my life and can gain new perspectives. My prayers are not always about the most beautiful words but about honesty and sincerity. It is very important to me to always be in conversation with God,” shared Ehrengruber.

Reflecting on the theme for the week of prayer for Christian Unity—“You shall love the Lord your God... and your neighbor as yourself" (Luke 10:27)—she underscores the importance of love in different dimensions. "The commandment of love is immensely important. It emphasizes love for God, love for others, and love for oneself. No war, no exclusivism, no exclusion of minorities, no discrimination can take place if radical love of neighbor is lived,” said Ehrengruber.

Ehrengruber relates the theme to challenges in Germany, particularly the rise of rightwing pressure. "In Germany, we are currently experiencing various challenges that could do with a little more love for each other. There has been pressure from the right for several years now, which is very dangerous. I am pleased that many people are demonstrating these days and standing up against inhuman ideas,” shared Ehrengruber.

According to Ehrengruber, true Christian unity is about embracing differences and accepting each other's identity, “knowing that we are all siblings of the same heavenly parent,” commented Ehrengruber.

Looking at the broader global context, Ehrengruber reflected on conflicts, climate issues, and increasing secularization. "The climate catastrophe will exacerbate existing crises and difficulties, posing a particularly devastating impact, especially on already marginalized groups. It is crucial as a global community to responsibly utilize the resources available to us and actively engage in conservation efforts. In the context of Germany, there exists a historical responsibility, as we have been living beyond our means for an extended period. Acknowledging this reality, it becomes imperative to collaboratively work towards finding sustainable solutions that safeguard not only our lives but also the lives of animals and plants in the long term,” said Ehrengruber.