Photo: GMMP Papua New Guinea/WACC

Photo: GMMP Papua New Guinea/WACC

The Global Media Monitoring Project, able to take place safely amid the COVID-19 pandemic, continues to promote gender justice in media coverage. Thousands of volunteers from 145 countries are participating.

The project is the sixth in a series of extensive gender and media monitoring studies conducted every five years since 1995 by WACC Global, an international non-governmental organization that advocates communication rights in order to achieve social justice.

By analyzing gender differences in the portrayal and representation of women and men in print, broadcast, online and social media news, the project puts a spotlight on gender inequalities perpetuated in and through the news media.

Past monitoring results have shown extremely slow progress in bringing women’s voices to the foreground of public discourse taking place in traditional and digital media.

Preliminary results of the 2020 research are expected early next year.

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