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Launched during a webinar, the celebration guide, now available in several languages on the Season of Creation website, provides communities worldwide with resources to prepare for this year's season. 

Sharon Theogol, from the Presbyterian Church of East Africa, welcomed participants from around the globe during the live-streamed event. "The Season of Creation is an opportunity to contact God and His creation, listen to people and the earth, an ecumenical moment to pray and act together," she shared.

In his prayer, Rev. James Bhagwan from the Pacific Conference of Churches emphasized the deep spirituality that connects Pacific communities with the environment. "Our hope is rooted in God's character, promises, and actions," he said, highlighting the intrinsic link between faith and ecological stewardship.

The Season of Creation is a time for Christians worldwide to unite in prayer and action for the environment. This year's theme, "To hope and act with Creation," inspired by Romans 8:19-25, emphasizes the interconnectedness of hope and proactive stewardship of our common home.

"The theme of this year’s Season of Creation inspires us to join together in prayer, sustainable actions, and practical advocacy," said Rev. Rachel Marsh, from the Green Anglicans in Southern Africa, at the webinar. Marsh also highlighted the critical role of ecumenical movements in addressing environmental challenges, particularly in light of recent climate impacts in South Africa.

After a call to action by Suzi Moreira, co-chair of Season of Creation Steering Committee from Laudato Si’ Movement, Fr Antoine Al Ahmar, from the Middle East Council of Churches closed the webinar with a blessing in Arabic.  

“The webinar gave testimony of the worldwide Christians united in hope and confirmed that only when we work together with Creation, can the firstfruits of hope come through,” said Dr Louk Andrianos, WCC consultant on Care for Creation, Sustainability, and Climate Justice, and active member of the Season of Creation steering committee, in appreciation for the webinar he also joined.

Beginning on 1 September and closing on 4 October, the Season of Creation 2024 encourages individuals and communities to engage in various activities, such as tree planting, sustainable cooking workshops, and ecological challenges, all aimed at promoting environmental stewardship. 

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