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4 September 2022, Karlsruhe, Germany: Celebrating the occasion of the World Council of Churches' 11th Assembly, Sunday service was held at the Friedenskirche in Karlsruhe. The service, attended by a range of ecumenical guests, was televised live by German broadcaster ZDF. Bishop Petra Bosse-Huber (center) and Karlsruhe Mayor Frank Mentrup (right).


Invited by Bishop Petra Bosse-Huber, head of the EKDs division for ecumenical relations and global ministries, Pillay will deliver an address on The role of anti-racism and the fight against discrimination in the work of the WCC today.”

Bosse-Huber served as the moderator of the local host committee for the WCCs 11th Assembly, held in Karlsruhe, Germany in 2022.

Pillay will also participate in a panel discussion on Racism and the shift to the right - How do churches around the world respond to radicalization and polarization in their societies?” Later during the meeting he will lead a devotion.

Known by its German initials KÖME, the conference brings together the ecumenical officers of the EKDs 20 regional churches, as well as representatives of German Protestant mission and development agencies. 

This years KÖME is being held in the Zinzendorfhaus in Neudietendorf, where the ecumenical officers are discussing how churches can meet the many challenges facing the world today. 

The WCC will also offer insights related to communications for KÖME participants. WCC director of communication Marianne Ejdersten will present a session on Communicating in a global fellowship: How the WCC strengthens participation and exchange among its member churches.”

Among other things, discussions will cover commemorative events in 2025 related to the 1700th anniversary of the Council of Nicaea, a major ecumenical milestone, as well as the 500th anniversary of the Anabaptist movement.