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사순절 자료집 #진정한 자유

A New Global Course for Lent 2024
Rev. Dr Kenneth Mtata
Bishop Alastair Redfern
Frederique Seidel
Caroline Virgo
Claire Walford

A new global resource from The World Council of Churches and The Clewer Initiative, True Freedom is a six-week course for Lent. It draws on themes from the book of Galatians and encourages individuals and churches to respond to modern slavery in their communities.

True Freedom includes:

  • A short Bible study on the book of Galatians
  • A reflection written by Revd Dr Kenneth Mtata and Bishop Alastair Redfern
  • Questions for group discussion or personal reflection
  • Case studies from churches around the world
  • Information and statistics about modern slavery
  • Artwork to contemplate and discuss

True Freedom is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Korean 

Frederique SeidelSpecs: 49 pages; 9x12 size; PDF; 4-colour
ISBN: 978-2-8254-1845-1
Shelving/Topics: Religion/Slavery
Rights: World, all languages
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