rescue team Brazil

L’une des équipes de secours à l’œuvre à Porto Alegre.


Even from afar, we see the immense scale and devastation caused by the massive flooding and landslides of this weeks storms,said Pillay. 

Tens of thousands are now without clean water or electricity, and tens of thousands more are displaced from their homes entirely. Dozens of people have lost their lives, while others are still missing.

Beyond the numbers, we feel the widespread suffering, horrible loss, crippling uncertainty, and deep grief experienced by Brazilians across the region,said Pillay. We grieve with you, and we pledge our deep solidarity, praying and working alongside Brazils churches and relief agencies to alleviate the suffering and restore order.

The WCC 9th Assembly was held in Porto Alegre in 2006. 

When such a disaster strikes and our hearts are broken, we naturally ask where God is in these circumstances,said Pillay. "Gods love and presence are always and everywhere with us and for us.

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Solidarity campaign of the Evangelical Church of the Lutheran Confession in Brazil

humanitarian aid Brazil

Aide humanitaire dans la ville de Sinimbu, organisée par la congrégation de l’Église évangélique de la confession luthérienne au Brésil.