WCC Commission on Ecumenical Education and Formation

The World Council of Churches Commission on Ecumenical Education and Formation will convene in Seoul, Republic of Korea, from 25-28 June.

Korean Bibles open on a table

The Commission on Education and Ecumenical Formation (EEF) is the World Council of Churches’ (WCC) advisory body for the area of education, ecumenical formation which was identified as a central priority during the WCC 9th Assembly in 2006. In collaboration with member churches, other churches, ecumenical partners, academic institutions, and networks – the EEF Commission aims to foster the understanding and practice of ecumenical learning. The commission also supports the churches' ministry of ecumenical education and formation within the Christian community and the world; and promotes ecumenical theological education and ministerial formation, helping churches and their congregations to be inclusive learning communities. 

The meeting in Seoul, Republic of Korea, 25-28 June 2024, is the first in person meeting of the EEF Commission since its nomination by the WCC central committee in June 2023. 

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