Ecumenical International Youth Day 2024

On August 12th, the United Nations observes International Youth Day. Since 2019, the World Council of Churches has introduced its own Ecumenical International Youth Day through the Youth Engagement desk. Throughout the years, the EIYD has addressed pertinent social issues for young people, such as mental health, issues with indigenous groups, and climate justice. Last year's theme focused on Young People’s Voices from the War zones.  

Flyer for Ecumenical International Youth Day with african young men holding up banners with words "hope" and "peace"

The Youth Engagement in the Ecumenical movement, along with the Youth Commission, have proposed to continue discussing the ongoing impact of war and violence on young people residing in countries still regarded as war zones. The problem with war has persisted over the years, from civil wars to larger scopes of conflict, fueling the youth's urge and empathy to stand in solidarity with those inhabiting war-torn regions.  

Therefore, during this upcoming online event (12th August, 15:00-17:30 CET), the aim is to explore these issues and listen to the stories about the impacts of war and violence on young people.

The theme of the event is: Journey Towards Justice, Peace, and Unity: A call to end violence 

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