Anglikanische Gemeinschaft in Japan

(Nippon Sei Ko Kai, NSSK)
The church was founded in 1859 when the first missionary from the Protestant Episcopal Church in the USA came to the country. It was legally established in 1887, and became an official province of the Anglican Church in 1930. The first Japanese bishops were consecrated in 1923. The church remained underground during World War II and assumed all church leadership after the war. Since 1978 it has been financially self-supporting. It continues to exchange missionaries with overseas partner churches. All bishops and other church leaders are Japanese. The church is the third largest Christian community in the country, after the Roman Catholic Church and the United Church of Christ. The concern for a more effective mission remains crucial to the church. In order to render a faithful witness, internal organizational structures are being constantly renewed, and there is a continuous emphasis on better stewardship.